Weight Loss & Supportive Programs

Nothing tastes as good as THIN FEELS !

HCG Weight Loss Program

Our most popular program to date, for healthy weight reduction.  This Doctor Monitored Program gives you the support & expertise you need for success.  This program includes:  Initial consultation with doctor, HCG, liver detox/cleanse, ALL supportive nutritional supplements, natural appetite suppressants, weekly office visit to include a computerized body index assessment and B-12 injection, and program literature with recipes for success.

What foods can you eat while on HCG?  As any nutritionist will tell you, you need all three of the macro-nutrients to maintain health; Carbohydrates for brain & red blood cell function, Proteins for rebuilding every cell & tissue in the body, and Fats for energy & protection of vital organs.  On the HCG diet, you are supplying your own body fat, so most of the diet consists of complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) & proteins.  Because you are not consuming fat, abnormal body fat deposits disappear; the double chin, potbelly, & fat around hips & thighs, are the first to go.

A Note from Dr. Ward…

I have been helping patients with their weight loss challenges for many years.  Implementing the HCG protocol has been a great asset to my existing programs.  Those previously unable to lose weight are now able to see the pounds drop quickly without much effort and certainly without the use of drugs.  As incredible as this program is however, my biggest fear is that individuals are going to continue to follow Dr. Simeon’s original HCG protocol exactly as he outlined in the the 1950’s.  To me, this is very irrational since individual caloric needs due to body size or health issues, varies so much.

Since his original writing, the medical community has grown considerably in the knowledge of the human body.  In my professional opinion there is now, as I’m sure there will be in the future, room for improvement to Dr. Simeon’s protocol. My ‘New’ HCG Diet program includes more food choices and allows for some types of exercise.  The slight changes I have made to his protocol reflect what we know about biochemistry, physiology, physics and nutrition and more importantly, natural medicine in the 21st century.  It is my hope to see his work continually improving as science and technology advances.



Adrenal Fatigue

“The doctor says I’m not sick but I know I’m not well.” Ever had this thought? Your body aches all over & it is hard to get anything done. You feel anxious or depressed over simple life events. Your ability to concentrate at work & home is diminished. You have to drag yourself out of bed each morning. On the weekends you sleep till noon but still feel tired. Your weight has become UNMANAGEABLE. Your stomach is tied in knots and you’re easily overwhelmed.  You feel like you have lost your edge and are no longer in control.   

ROUTINE lab test results are often ‘normal’, leading mainstream doctors to believe that their patients are ‘physically well’.  They are often diagnosed with depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia.  Prescription medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, sleeping pills, synthetic hormones, pain medication, allergy medication, or antacids are prescribed to alleviate symptoms.                    

Testing is easy, non invasive, and diagnostically SPOT-ON.  With the CORRECT test results we can help you to RESTORE normal adrenal function by using natural supplements, diet & lifestyle changes.

Detoxification Programs

“For the first time in the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from  the moment of conception until death. In the less than two decades of their use,  the synthetic pesticides have been so thoroughly  distributed throughout  the animate and inanimate world that they occur virtually everywhere.” This was WRITTEN by Rachel Carson in the book  Silent Spring, IN 1962! WHAT? Yes- 1962… How strongly does that apply today?

Increased total toxic load is a major factor in ALL chronic diseases. When toxins accumulate in the body, IT resorts to using fat to insulate the toxins from damaging the body’s tissues & organs. When a person tries to lose weight, it becomes difficult to remove fat that the body is using to PROTECT ITSELF.

We can help- we will test vital organ function, toxic load, again with non-invasive testing to aid us in TAILORING a program designed for your health & restoration…

Depending on your needs we may also recommend additional treatments such as…

  • Acupuncture for pain control, restoration, supportive weight-loss, etc… This system of health care has been around for thousands of years and has been used effectively when other types of health care have failed.  Although very fine needles are applied to the body, the majority of individuals feel minimal or no discomfort.  The results that are achieved far outweigh the initial anxiety that some may have before experiencing this ancient art form.
  • Food Allergy Testing– Proteins such as gluten found in wheat, rye and barley, result in the production of substances that can have addictive, narcotic- like effects.  Also digestive distress signs such as bloating, bowel habit changes, and WEIGHT GAIN can be caused by a sensitivity or allergy to certain foods.  A few to hundreds of foods can be easily tested.  Our most popular, inexpensive test checks twelve of the most notorious allergy causing foods, to include gluten.
  • Chiropractic Care– Structurally speaking,  repetitive ‘stresses’, be they physical, emotional, or chemical in nature- ALL have a negative effect on our body. Whether you’re a Mom, Dad,  student, hairdresser, mechanic, boss or worker…. YOU qualify, & we can help!
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy-Our bodies are meant to eliminate the foods we eat at least every 24 hours.  When we do not, this material builds up in the colon and causes symptoms like gas, bloating and pain, and if not corrected, things like diverticulitis.    If waste is not eliminated, it continues to ferment and rot in the colon causing further irritation, inflammation, and sickness.  With time, the body starts to reabsorb some of these microtoxins it is not able to eliminate.  This further perpetuates the ill health and discomfort of the individual.  Since a large part of the immune system is located in the gastrointestinal system, it stands to reason that a sick gut, contributes to a sick person.  Things such as irritable bowel, leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and colon cancer are on the rise.  Many rely on laxatives;  they only work for a short time before the bowel muscles start to rely on the medication and stop working on their own.  Colonic Hydrotherapy helps to rehydrate and cleanse the bowel using gravity fed water and minerals.  During a session, the patient is educated on ways to restore colon health.
  • Nutritional IV Therapies– Did you know only 20 – 30% of that supplement you take by mouth, will get into the bloodstream because most of it is eliminated by the liver?  Intravenous infusions put nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing this poor absorption rate from digestion and liver absorbtion.  PLUS- if you have digestive tract difficulties, your body is not able to properly absorb these nutrients.  Intravenous vitamin infusions are very safe & effective.  Whether seeking support for infections, chronic fatigue, or life threatening conditions, parenteral (IV) administration gives the body the best chance to rebuild, replenish, & re-balance in a rapidly effective way.  Just feeling a little under the weather?  Many patients are finding IV therapy a quick and easy way to give their body a boost or load up on essential nutrients and antioxidants at the onset of a cold.
  • DOULA Services & Childbirth Education– In recent years, our culture has recognized the need to have female support during childbirth. The rise of popularity in doulas has brought hundreds of families the opportunity to experience a supported and empowered birth. Jessica Huffaker is a labor professional that has training as well as personal experience in the natural birthing process. Her experience in emotional support for families during pregnancy, also extends from birth to postpartum. Her association with Natural Lullabies, also encompasses many alternative services including education that supports holistic birth. Serving families with a collective wisdom for positive family choices,  is truly a gift that Jessica is happy to share with you!
  • Natural Hormone Therapies– We offer a therapeutic approach to hormonal balance- THAT WORKS!  The production of hormones & the timing of their release is the ‘balance’ both women & men need for long term emotional, mental, and  physical health & well being.  We think of hot-flashes as the only sign of hormonal imbalance- but insomnia, skin aging, WEIGHT CHANGES, osteoporosis, athlerosclerosis, sweats, nervousness, irritability- ALL are signs of possible problems.  We perform the highest quality testing to determine your hormonal needs.  Treating hormones with customized, INDIVIDUAL natural hormone dosing, not only minimizes risks for disease & side effects, but can restore a long missed quality of life.